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Flipgrid is where your students go to view your topics, record their responses (in a video), and reply to their classmates. Grids can be open or locked and embedded into any website. Topics spark ideas and fuel the conversation.

  1. 1) Create a free account at flipgrid.com

  2. 2) Create a grid (only get 1 using the free account)

  3. 3) Create a topic

  4. 4) Create a question for your topic

  5. 5) Share your grid with your class (topic link or click the button to upload to Google Classroom)

  6. 6) Have your students respond to the question by recording their video (using webcam or phone)

Earn Your Badge!

  1.  Create a grid, topic, and question
  2. Share with your class (either with the link or through Google Classroom)
  3. Have your students create their video response
  4. Share your flipgrid code so that the students’ responses can be seen
  5.  Fill out the badge request form to earn your badge.

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