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Faculty Book Study

Faculty book studies are a great way for teachers to learn together about a topic that is of interest/impact to their school.

Congratulations on your decision to implement a book study with the faculty at your school. Book studies are a great way for faculty to come together to share new learning and ideas that benefit all students in your building. In order to make your book study a success, please note the following:  

1) Your group must meet on a regular basis to discuss the book. These discussions should include a presentation on the assigned chapters with protocols used to faclitate discussion of the chapter(s). 

2) Each participant in the faculty book study must present, at a minimum, 1 chapter to the group. 

3) Each participant will submit a 1-2 page (typed) reflection of the book. Reflections will summarize the key points of the book, their thoughts and ideas about the key points, and any new learning/strategies they have incorporated or plan to incorporate as a result of reading the book. 

The faculty book study leader will send all participant’s reflections to the Laura Roland at [email protected]

5) Credit forms are issued within 30 days of receipt of the reflections.  The forms are emailed to individual participants. 

Earn Your Badge!

1. Get the book study approved by the CSO by using the link above.

2. Once the book study is completed the one page reflection (which is required by the CSO) should be uploaded as proof of completion . 

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